Artist and filmmaker Lisa Wintermantel (b. 1987, Switzerland), based between Berlin and Basel. Currently studying postgraduate in Art and Media at the Berlin University of the Arts. Please contact Lisa Maria for CV and to find out more about her practice and for possible projects -.
E-Mail: post@youcaneatthepaper.de

You feel and see her calm and warm looks when you approach Wintermantel as a familiar stranger.

Wintermantel has a distinctive connection with non human creatures and their struggles in a world dominated by humans and their interventions. Her interest and care to the surrounding world with all living creatures is strong; bacteria, trees, plants, humans, buildings, and all kinds of acts and interactions between these forms of being: relations, silences, sounds, solidarity, violence.

Wintermantel’s interest and engagement in acts of art has an immediate aim and need, which is both to search and create diverse life options and the ways in which we live.

This voyage of meanings from and within life has a connection to the social, economic and political world around her. In fact, these distant worlds and ways of living enable her to find out about one another, which is a constant navigation between herself and outside planet, her nomad self and the society.

written by familiar strangers.

Performance; singing for the people. Abraxas/Architect Ricardo Biofil -.